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Stronghold WSAT
By the way guys, I spoke with nutter and we decided that we should at least try and see how we do in it. So due that the summer is ending people will come back to playing the game. The requirmenets are:
For the tier 8 battles.
For a 10 man run we need:
3 x AMX 50 100
4 x IS3
1 x 110
1 x AMX 13 90
1 x T32 or T34
NO MORE "I dont want or I DO IT MY OWN way" <that also applies to myself.
So I have relaxed a bit, And had a thought, it would be nice if we had some kind of discussion about it as a clan put our negative and positive views on the stronghold battles, choice of tanks may change if we discuss it as a clan. I suggest that the meeting will happen this weekend, it gives us enough time to make everyone aware that such meeting will take place, It would be prefferable if everyone could show up at it and provide negative and positive feedback as well as choosing the leader of the trainings and Vice Leaders.
For the time being the whole idea is fresh so i would really like if everyone participated into it. Thanks!
For tier 10 battles:
First of all we need 15 people for it to have the following tanks:
2 x BC 25 t
3 x AMX 50B or T57 Heavy
4 x T110 E5 or IS7
4 x Obj 140, T62 A, Obj 430, (Dont want pattons) any other meds are fine. I dont know how the chinese perform. Leopards arent gona be needed, too squishy.
1 x Arty tier 10 ( any will be fine, prefferably the auto loader)
I hope that EVERYONE participates in this!!
The benefits of strongholds apply to everyone within the clan the ones that do participate or dont. The benefits are as follow:
1. Up to +50 % Credit gain per battle, Random battles included.
2. Up to +50 % Experience for researches, Random battles included
3. Up to +100% Experience to crew, random battles included

Posted by Yashira on Monday 25 August 2014 - 11:20:02 | LAN_THEME_20
Nutter goes mad in Leicestershire
Do you want to drive a tank over a course of rough terrain?
Do you want to fire it's 40mm paintball cannon at a target/clanmates tank?
do you just wanna go along for the ride and see Nutter try to drive it straight out to the M1 sirens a blazing?
Join us for a day/weekend to remember.

As you'll all know, Nutter celebrated his cough, cough "30th" birthday this year, join the madness.

Posted by wombatconverter on Monday 25 August 2014 - 10:16:45 | LAN_THEME_20
Tank of the week

The ISU-152 marks its beginning on January 24, 1943. This was the moment of appearance of the first fighting vehicle of this family. It was designated Object 236 (Объект 236), using the same concept as the SU-152. The Object 236 was completed in Factory No. 100 in Chelyabinsk, and on the same day, January 24, underwent trials on the Chebarkulski artillery range, 107 km from Chelyabinsk. By February 7, 1943 the trials were over, passed with success. On February 14 the vehicle was adopted and put on production under the KV-14 (КВ-14) designation. In April 1943 was ordered KV-14 to be henceforth designated SU-152 (СУ-152). In time, the combat performance of SU-152, based on the KV-1S tank, made necessary the modernisation of the vehicle, using the new IS tank as a base. On May 25, 1943, shortly after deployment, the administration of Factory No. 100 ordered the beginning of the SU-152 modernization, which included an increase of the armour protection and other improvements. The development began in July 1943, under the supervision of Joseph Yakovlevich Kotin (the chief designer of Soviet heavy tanks) and G. N. Moskvin as the main designer, and in about a month the first modernized variant was ready. It was designated IS-152 (ИС-152). It underwent factory trials in September 1943, revealing a large number of different deficiencies, which sent it back for further improvement. In October 1943 a second (different) modernized variant was ready, designated Object 241 (Объект 241). It was an improvement over the IS-152. The factory trials began the same month, followed by state trials on the Gorohovetskom test range. On November 6, 1943, an order was issued for adoption of this variant, under the ISU-152 (ИСУ-152) designation, and in December its production began at the Chelyabinsk Kirovsk Plant, replacing the SU-152.
Posted by Hazza on Thursday 20 March 2014 - 07:30:49 | LAN_THEME_20
Bonus Code
Be quick before it runs out!

Posted by Hazza on Thursday 20 March 2014 - 07:28:31 | LAN_THEME_20

What is your thought about the update? Share it on Forum!

Posted by Yashira on Friday 17 January 2014 - 12:17:35 | LAN_THEME_20
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